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Scoring:   • Survivor Pool for all pro games. Participants will be eliminated with an incorrect pick.
Deadline:   • Game - All Games will lock five minutes before the start of the week's first game. If a member does not make their selections prior to this deadline, the entire pool will be locked and they would receive the designated minimum score for that week. Please Note - All selections by pool members will be displayed in the view all picks area once this lock occurs.
Finances:   • $45.00 entry fee.
• Pool manager does not pay fee.

Weekly Prizes
Overall Prizes
Constitution:   Anything in this Constitution is a rule that outranks anything printed in the section above.

1. Pick every NFL winner and Monday night points.
2. Everything is done on the web site
3. If you do not make your picks by the website cut off (5 mins before days first game) you can email me at and I can enter them. You must:
- Send it at least 5 minutes prior to the start of the game(s)
- List the WINNERS.
- Include the MNF score.
- Text me at (816) 509-7564 with your name and picks so I know to enter them.
- This will ONLY be done ONCE for any one participant for the entire season.
4. If you are leaving town, you may email picks to me in advance.
5. If you forget to submit your picks altogether (online or via email), your weeks score will be the lowest score picked by a person who participated minus 1. This allows you to not be completely "out of it" if you miss a week.
6. There is one weekly winner or a very unlikely tie where the weekly winnings would be split between the tied players.
7. Entry is $45.00 for the entire season.
8. Payment via check must be postmarked no later than the Saturday prior to week three of the regular season (9/24/2015) or you will be removed from the pool. NO PLAYING UNTIL YOU WIN A WEEK!
9. 35% (roughly) of league fees ($45.00) will be paid out to weekly winner.
10. Weekly winners will be paid at the end of the year. I will not cut multiple checks throughout the season to same players.
11. 65% (roughly) of league fees ($45.00) will be used for the end of year payouts.
12. There will be four season winners based on overall wins. The winning amount in parenthesis is based on 50 players.
a. 55% for first place ($1003.75)
b. 25% for second place ($456.25)
c. 15% for third place ($273.75)
d. 5% for 4th place ($91.25)
13. There will only be four place winners at the end of the year. If four people tie for first, ALL the prize money goes to those 4 winners. If two people tie for first, then next places money mixes with the first place and those two split it. The next place finisher will get third place money, etc.
14. The league manager will retain the year end prize pool money to cover all expenses. Anything left over will be awarded to the winner of the pool.

Mail check payments of $45.00 to my address (5709 Finkman St, St. Louis, MO 63109), hand me the money, or pay by PayPal at
**** For those paying by PayPal, please know that YOU need to cover the transaction fee from PayPal.

Send me a private email to get my address.

Refer to the Terms of Use for more information